Our Mission

  1. To provide environmentally safe, cost effective methods of remediating waste generated by the production and refining of petroleum and its byproducts.
  2. Substantial reduction of costs for mining and production of oil sand deposits.
  3. By using water-based technology, reduce the risks associated with using solvent based products for waste remediation and production enhancement.

In every assignment, Petromax will prove to be the safest, most economical way to meet the agreed upon objective or there will be no cost for our products. To date, we have never failed to deliver as promised and have often dramatically exceeded expectations when all related costs are calculated.

Major Markets

  • Heavy Oil Storage Tank Sludge Removal and Transportation for Disposal
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery From Depleted Oil Wells
  • Waste Pit Sludge Removal and Recovery
  • Oil and Tar Sands Production Without Creating MFT
  • Mature Fine Tailings Bitumen Recovery and Water Recycling
  • Heavy Oil Pipeline Transportation
  • Surface Cleaning and Waste Disposal
  • Disposal of Waste or Conversion to Coke

Petromax At Work

New uses for Petromax are regularly discovered once staff becomes familiar with the technology and see how easy it is to use in any situation where hydrocarbons are attached to inorganic surfaces. Since the Petromax processed waste does not attach to hoses, pipes or downstream containment, cost savings are significant.

Almost always, the waste slurry can be easily taken to a Coker unit where it is used in the quench cycle and is thereby converted to a salable product.